"When you fill your heart with love, you become a fountain of compassion. When you fill your mind with light, you become a torch of wisdom. When you fill your body with bliss, you become a reservoir of vitality. Healings and yoga help you become whole and happy."

Ayala is the founder of PrayDance, an ecstatic prayer-healing-dance that draws on Kundalini Yoga, the Sufi tradition, and various shamanic and spiritual paths to invoke powerful energies and lead individuals and groups to inner realms of beauty and peace. 


Through her exploration of ballet, yoga, sufism, and gyrotonics, Ayala developed an appreciation for the transformative power of movement. And through her in depth exploration of chanting, meditation, visualization, sound vibration, and prayer, she awakened the healing gifts of her heart.


In her healings, Ayala opens a spiritual portal that allows her to connect to guides and the higher self. These energies direct her to the hurt places in the body that hold ancient wounds.


Clients often fade into a deep trance as she works to remove those wounds and bring back wholeness. Deep emotional releases are common as well as an uplifting spiritual feeling of bliss, joy, and gratitude.