60 mins - $100

90 mins - $140

120 mins - $175

Healing Circles - $20 

Private Healings

A healing journey though sacred sound, energy work, prayers and aromatherapy to heal the past awaken the present, and empower the future.  


Private and Group Yoga Classes

Gentle and effective postures, breathing, visualizations, and meditations are combined to open energy pathways, balance emotions, clear the mind, and strengthen the body. Classes integrate Kundalini, Hatha, and Yin Yoga as well as Sufi practices.

Healing Circles 

We gather as a circle and create sacred space and time. We dance, breathe, and use mantras to establish a deeper connectedness, set intentions, and awaken a place of stillness. We journey within to discover the mystery of being. We end the session by sharing and holding space.

Yoga Practice