Ayala is a truly gifted healer and a beautiful person. Every time I take a workshop with her or join in on one of her circles, I leave feeling lighter and more in touch with my higher purpose. She is extremely intuitive and has a unique ability to awaken the soul. I highly recommend working with Ayala if you're ready to dive deeply into your self!
Founder of Root Mama, duala, and yoga teacher

Ayala is an amazing healer. At a very pivotal time in my life she nurtured & held me in sacred space. She helped me excavate at the core. I'm very blessed she is in my life ❤️ She is filled with wisdom, messages, and transcendent guidance.


Reiki Master

 Ayala is a  gifted energy and sound healer. Her intuitive diagnostic skills are simply indescribable. Her energetic balancing is only the first step. Her Tibetan and crystal bowls, tuning fork scans and breathwork are an amazing experience that resonate to the cellular level.  With her help, I cleansed and purified the most hidden accumulations of density, shame, and guilt holding me back and learned that I can heal. Thank you, Ayala!


Sound Bowl Instructor